Feel Safe Scheme

Feel Safe Scheme

The Feel Safe Scheme has returned to Keyham and Ford thanks to the Safer Keyham grant recently awarded by the Home Office for crime prevention measures in the area.

This free service (initiated by the Devon and Cornwall Community Watch Association) provides a comprehensive safety service for your property including:

  • Fitting front door locks
  • Replacing broken window locks
  • Fitting window restrictors (which prevent a window being opened beyond a certain point)
  • Fitting spy holes
  • Fitting door handle tamper alarms.

“We’ve done 33 properties in less than a month,” said Kevin Sproston, chair of the Keyham Neighbourhood Watch (KNW) which has partnered with Plymouth City Council to lead the scheme. “And we’ve fitted 85 window handles, 19 locking mechanisms, 19 door chains, 37 window restrictors, 37 handle alarms, and seven hinges which is great additional security for these families and individuals. And over Christmas I worked at getting them all a free fire safety visit from a fire safety assessor to check their alarms and carbon monoxide detectors etc.” 

To be considered for this service you need to either own your home, be a PCH (Plymouth Community Homes) tenant or have permission from your landlord (screenshot text or email) before you send in your request to Keyham Neighbourhood Watch.

KNW will need to know your name, address, phone number and whether you own your home or rent. (And if you have contacted them in the past and have not yet had any work done then please try them again.) Kevin will then come to your home and explain what is needed and signpost to other support agencies if required. 

“This is a way of us fighting anti-social behaviour and crime by ensuring people have better secured buildings,” said Kevin, “But it’s also helping people feel safe in their homes. Because if you feel safe in your own home then you will begin to feel safe within your community and we will all feel safe together. I’ve heard no end of stories from people who appreciate what we’ve done.

“We went round to one woman’s house to fit a lock and we ended up fixing all of the windows! And we’ve not just helped with people’s homes but people’s health and wellbeing as this scheme gives us the chance to speak to residents and signpost them to a variety of other services. It’s turned out to be a nice way of giving people a little internal security by fixing their external security.”

The next dates that work will take place will be on Wednesday, January 12th; Monday, January 17th; and Monday, January 24th. To book your slot contact the Keyham Neighbourhood Watch through its Facebook page or email: keyhamnhw@gmail.com