Fundraising FAQs

What happened to my donation? 

We worked with fundraisers to ensure monies raised went to the families and to help the local community recover from the Keyham tragedy. 

Funds have now been distributed within Keyham and the surrounding areas. 

An advisory committee, featuring members of the community, oversaw and governed the distribution of funds. The committee made decisions on funding including distributing money for community activities and other good, local causes. The committee met monthly and was chaired by a member of the Wolseley Trust which is independent from the council.  To find out more visit here

We also worked with central government to understand how the funding announced for Keyham was utilised to further support and strengthen the community. The Plymouth Together Fund received no government funding.


Who oversaw the fund? 

The Plymouth Together Fund was managed on behalf of the community by the Wolseley Trust – an independent, local organisation that supports community regeneration in Plymouth. For governance purposes the advisory committee reported into the trust’s existing community-led board of directors. To ensure the funding was collected safely the trust was the co-ordinating ‘hub’ for collections and then worked closely with the community to guarantee the money was distributed to those who need it. The trust is a not-for-profit organisation and none of the community fundraising was used for trust administration.  


How did you guarantee money went to the right people? 

The trust provided fundraisers with a receipt so that donors knew the money they collected went towards helping the people affected by what happened in Keyham.  

The trust also ensured the money went direct to the families – if that is what the donor said they were raising money for.  


What was the Plymouth Together Fund’s relationship to other fundraising campaigns? 

The Plymouth Together Fund was not responsible for monies raised unless donations came directly to the fund. In addition it was only responsible for distributing money as intended if it has been received by the Wolseley Trust. There were many other platforms, including some big social media campaigns, which ran fantastic fundraising appeals aimed at specific charities, but the Plymouth Together Fund was the centralised point of contact for the donation and allocation of funding. We therefore encouraged people to contact us directly to donate to the fund and we assured donors that money paid directly to the Wolseley Trust went to the families and community as intended and they were not charged a fee.  


What did you do to help with the fundraising appeal? 

We contacted hundreds of businesses and organisations across Plymouth asking if they would like to fundraise or display our material in a bid to encourage others to donate. We also distributed flyers to our many volunteers who visited shops and businesses in their areas and we constantly updated this website with fundraising information and featured people’s fundraising stories. Here was our fundraising guide. 

If you have any other questions please contact: the Wolseley Trust on 01752 607 449.