Plymouth Together Fund

The Plymouth Together Fund was launched to raise vital funds for the bereaved families, those injured and the local communities impacted by what happened in Keyham.

Over 18 months thousands of residents took part in fundraising activities across Plymouth.

How much did the fund raise?

The fund collected £102,246.46 from generous individuals, groups and organisations. The fund did not receive any government funding.

What happened to the money?

All the money raised was distributed to the families of the bereaved, those injured and went towards community projects that help the recovery of the area. Where donations were collected for specific beneficiaries, such as the families, those wishes were honoured. 

How did the fund work?

The Wolseley Trust oversaw the Plymouth Together Fund, helping to coordinate and distribute all the fundraising raised. Wolseley is a not-for-profit organisation and long-term, trusted partner of Plymouth City Council. An advisory committee – the Plymouth Together Fund Committee – featuring members of the community, oversaw and governed the distribution of the funds. The committee met monthly and was chaired by Robbie Nairn, a director of the Wolseley Trust. It comprised a balance of external advisors and individuals with delegated authority from the Wolseley Trust Board.

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Terms of Reference (Plymouth Together Fund Sub Committee)

The committee recognised four main groups of fund beneficiaries: the next of kin of those who died in the tragedy of August 12th, the physically injured, wider family members, and a general reserve to support community activities and other good, local causes. None of the donated funds were used for administration.

Sarah Taylor, chief executive of the Wolseley Trust, said: “We would like to thank the many individuals, groups and organisations for their generous donations which have been sent to the bereaved families, those injured and used for the good of the local community. The fact that over £100,000 was raised is inspiring. I would also like to thank the members of the Plymouth Fund Committee for their work over many months in overseeing the fund and ensuring that the correct distribution of the money raised took place as quickly as possible.”

You can read a press release about the good work of the fund here


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