A Safer Keyham

In December 2021 it was announced that £800,000 of Home Office funding had been granted to Keyham, Ford and the surrounding areas to pay for a programme of community engagement and crime prevention which aims to reassure residents that their neighbourhoods are safe places to live, work and play.

The Home Office funding had been split into two grants:

  • A Safer Keyham grant of £308,000 for crime prevention measures such as better home security, improved CCTV and lighting upgrades, environmental improvements, community training, youth engagement and projects to improve the community.
  • A Keyham Community Policing fund of £514,000 to provide community reassurance and pay for a dedicated community team of police officers for the area as well as funding problem solving activity and youth engagement support.

This funding programme has only recently started and residents will see the full results over the next few weeks and months. 


The Keyham Community Policing Team has put together a leaflet, for distribution across Keyham, detailing key statistics showing their success in reducing crime in the area since the awful event of 12 August, 2021. You can read it here: Keyham leaflet 2022

Improvements for a Safer Keyham. Read about the recent evening walkabout in the area which focused on the physical improvements to Keyham’s green spaces to make the area safer following consultation with residents.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the consultation on the draft designs for green spaces in the area. All of the feedback has now been collated and you can read about the Keyham Greenspace Plan here.

STOP PRESS: Free personal alarms, personal security packs, door tamper alarms, alarmed door wedges and additional safety/home security equipment are now available at the following venues for anyone who might need them:

Keyham Green Places (KGP), 163 Renown Street

Wolseley Trust Community Centre, Wolseley Close

Mindset Project, Ford Gym, Wolseley Close


You can see a copy of the Safer Keyham newsletter which we sent out to all residents here: Safer Keyham Newsletter (January 2022)

Below are a few articles about some of the other initiatives currently happening and planned:

Improvements for a safer Keyham

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Trauma Informed Courses for Keyham

New CCTV and street lighting

Community training

Keyham Community Sparks Grant

The Keyham Community Policing Fund