New CCTV and street lighting

Forthcoming improvements to the area

CCTV cameras and more street lighting will soon be appearing in Keyham to reassure residents that their area is a safe place in which to live, work and play.

The two cameras and more than 70 new lights follow consultations with the community and are the result of the Safer Keyham grant awarded by the Home Office in December.

The state-of-the-art cameras can be deployed for three months at a time at different locations in the area and will be used as a long-term asset to fight crime and keep the streets safe.

The new lights, costing more than £90,000, will be appearing in different locations around the community. Engineers have identified poorly lit areas and so, over the next few weeks, lights will be installed in the streets and local parks.

You can see a map of the new street lights and upgrades (yellow circles) and proposed sites for the CCTV cameras (red circles) here: 

Keyham street lighting and CCTV doc

(Note the red circles are not permanent sites but will be moved around these positions as requested.)