Befriending isolated families in the Keyham area


Could you be a friend to an isolated family in the Keyham area?


Plymouth Council has partnered with charity Safe Families in order to help and support families in and around the Keyham area.

We are looking for volunteers to be a friend to a family who don’t have a support network. It could be providing a listening ear and reassurance to a parent, or offering to spend time with children or young people.

Offering this support can make a big difference – just knowing that there is someone there who is able to listen and able to cheer you on as a parent. Take a look at this story from Emma to see the difference a Family Friend can make.

Alternatively you could be a host home for a child – offering to host a child overnight to give the family some breathing space and parents some much needed time to rest. See this story from Tam to see the difference that Host Homes can make.

Facing life alone can be hard. Feeling like there is no one who can call on when life gets overwhelming is a scary place to be. Safe Families believe that no one should feel alone. The charity exists to create relationship and connection because everyone deserves to belong.

Safe Families offers all the training and support you will need to offer hope and connection to families.

If you think you would be able to offer this type of support and connection to a family in Keyham and the surrounding area please visit the website You can make a difference in the lives of children and families through offering hope and connection.

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