Meet the Head of the Keyham Community Policing Team

Police Inspector Paul Laity

11Inspector Paul Laity

“I am the police inspector for the Keyham Community Policing Team. This is a small team set up to support the local community and city to recover from the awful events in August. I am a proper ‘janner’ living and working in the city I love for my whole life. Prior to joining the police I worked in customer services for a retail bank for 11 years and have now serving in my 21st year!

“I have served in both rural and urban areas. Previous roles included: being the beat manager for University of Plymouth (Mutley & Greenbank), custody sergeant at Charles Cross, neighbourhood sergeant for Plympton & Plymstock, neighbourhood sergeant for Stonehouse, Barbican and Waterfront and city centre, diverse communities sergeant and as an inspector for the last four years – critical incident manager.

“I have a passion for neighbourhood policing, establishing new relationships, working in partnership and getting to see smiles on faces as we strive to meet community needs. I love nothing more than having a good chat with people and finding out what they need. Policing is a job like no other (that phrase gets used a lot!) and has many challenges. However, each challenge is what makes the job so diverse, interesting and extremely rewarding.

“I will be overseeing the policing of Keyham, ensuring we are as visible, accessible, responsive and informative as much as possible. Keyham is a safe place to live and we will be doing everything we can to increase a sense of safety to residents, workers, businesses and visitors alike. I look forward to seeing you out there!”

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